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Lone Wolf Harp Attack

Description :

The Lone Wolf Harp Attack fills several needs of harp players. For instance, by providing true power tube overdrive distortion in a pedal, it allows you to plug straight into a PA and get an overdriven 6V6 sound, dirty-up a too clean amp such as a solid state amp, and it makes a great easy to bring-along back-up harp amp. Put it in your harp case and take it to jams or use it in-line with other pedals to develop your own signature tone. It is recommended to place this pedal last in your chain.
The Harp Attack contains an FET buffered input to get the best tone out of your favorite crystal, CM or other high impedance mic. This unique pedal derives its tone from a subminiature pentode vacuum tube, which is the same type tube as a 6V6. The amount of drive is fully adjustable from clean to full saturation. Subminiature tubes are more microphonic than regular tubes, and you may hear a low-level high-pitch tone when the pedal is turned ON ; the tone will go away after a few seconds.
Use the DRIVE control to set the drive to the pentode from clean to fully saturated. The VOLUME control sets the output audio level of the pedal and is used in conjunction with the DRIVE control to maintain the proper audio level out of the pedal. In other words, when you increase the DRIVE you then decrease the VOLUME, when you decrease the DRIVE you will then increase the VOLUME in order to maintain the same audio level. The TONE control is an active tone control circuit which will amplify bass when turned to the left and amplify highs when turned to the right. The circuitry is set to enhance the performance of the harmonica and performs much better than other single knob tone controls.
The Harp Attack operates off of two 9V batteries or an 18V DC power adapter. The AC adapter requirements are 18V DC with a minimum 100mA output and a 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector with a negative center and positive outside. The batteries are switched OFF when an external power supply is used. Use only new Duracell or alkaline batteries, and the expected battery life is 15 hours. The IN jack acts as the ON/OFF switch and the pedal is ON as long as there is a cable plugged into the IN jack.

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