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Lone Wolf Harp Tone +

Description :

The Lone Wolf Harp Tone+ is the answer for : those who want a bassier tone, a fat bottom, more depth ; those who want to keep their vintage amp original and unmodded ; those who are tired of trying all of the different combinations of tube brands and types ; and those who are tired of chasing that silver bullet mod that promises to make their amp a great harp amp. The Harp Tone+ really stands out with tongue blockers, chording, and train rhythm ; higher-keyed harps suddenly have depth you have never heard before.
The Harp Tone+ makes any guitar amp a good harp amp. How ? By providing up to 20dB of gain to drive bass frequencies through the low-value coupling capacitors. If your amp starts to feedback too early due to the excessive preamp gain (found in all guitar amps) then by lowering the VOLUME on the Tone+, you can counter that excessive gain, and now turn the amp’s volume up to a much higher level where the VOLUME control setting will not be as critical in relation to feedback. Plus, if you have a speaker that is poor on bass response you will not be able to push it harder with higher-level bass frequencies and bring it to life. How does the Harp Tone+ make any mic a better mic ? This ability is possible by the ultra high input impedance, the gain available in the bass frequency range, and the VOLUME control that helps control feedback or add volume, whichever your needs are.
With the controls in the position shown below, you basically have the same tone and level as in bypass, and you can increase or decrease the BASS and TREBLE frequencies from here as you like as well as lower the VOLUME. When using the pedal with a typical guitar amp, lower the VOLUME control on the pedal to a point where your amplifier feedback threshold will be around 8 on the amp’s volume control.
The Harp Tone+ operates off of a 9V battery or a 9V DC power adapter. The AC adapter requirements are 9V DC with a minimum 200mA output and a 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector with a negative center and positive outside. The battery is switched OFF when an external power supply is used. The IN jack acts as the ON/OFF switch, and the pedal is ON as long as there is a cable plugged into the IN jack.

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